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Sourcekeeper is a software which serves software development teams which are located at different places, e.g. in different departments of companies or different geographic areas, like in open-source development.

The general idea of Sourcekeeper is to concentrate features like communication, code management and project management in one application.

Of course there already exist applications that serve these purposes in some way, but Sourcekeepers aim is to serve developers and project administrators with a simple and unified toolset to make both, software development and project management more convenient and easier to handle.

Sourcekeeper is based on a server/client architecture. The server administrator is able to register projects and users with a simple administration interface. Within a project, administrators are able to customize cvs settings for the project or to plan the progress of the project with an integrated project management solution (resource management, time charts, ...).
Developers using Sourcekeeper are also supported by a flexible communications system, which includes project wide instant messaging and chat, and a server wide mailing system.

Currently (with 0.4 release) code management (a cvs client) and communication (mail, instant messaging, chat) are integrated.

Sourcekeeper shall grow to a mature and flexible solution for team and development management.

Sourcekeeper is published under the GNU General Public License.