Download Sourcekeeper 0.4

Release Announcement

Finally... We are proud to present the first public release of Sourcekeeper. Please note that this version is not recommended for professional puropses yet. Its only aim is to give people a look at what Sourcekeeper is going to become.
Feel free to download and test Sourcekeeper, we'd be grateful for suggestions, bug reports, etc. of any kind.

This version of Sourcekeeper provides the following features:
  • The root user is able to register projects and users, and of course to assign users to projects (as developers or administrators).
  • Sourcekeeper comes with a mailing system, that allows communication with team members as well as with every other user registered on the server.
  • Within a project, developers and administrators are able to communicate via a chat or instant messaging
  • Chat messages are logged on the server, and unread instant messages are stored until the next login.
  • The Sourcekeeper client provides a comfortable overview of projects for each user, where one is able to notice unread messages at first glance.
  • Project administrators can configure the CVS settings for the team, and each team member can access the CVS repository with the built in CVS client (pserver only, at the moment).
  • Sourcekeeper is written in Java, using the SWT-Toolkit, which provides a nice look and feel.
  • Also, this Software is independent from Suns Java Implementation, you can also use it with Kaffe or GCJ

  • This version of Sourcekeeper is available for Linux only, and as Java/VM version and Java/GCJ version. The VM-Version runs only with SUN JRE 1.4.2 or Kaffe, the GCJ-Version works with GCJ 4.0.

    Please note that Sourcekeeper depends on the following software:
  • SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit), used for the Client-GUI, comes from Eclipse (License: CPL)
  • Netbeans javacvs, used for CVS-Access, comes from the Netbeans team (License: SPL)
  • Files

    Java/VM-Version (Linux)
    Java/GCJ-Version (Linux)
    SWT for GCJ (only needed for the Java/GCJ Version of Sourcekeeper)