Development >> Technical information

Programming Language:
Sourcekeeper is entirely written in Java and requires a Java 1.4.2 JRE/SDK.

GUI library:
For the user interface the SWT in version 3.1 from the Eclipse project is used.

External libraries:
The Sourcekeeper client uses the CVS client library from Netbeans which is included in Sourcekeeper.

Server requirements:
The Sourcekeeper server runs on Linux and also requires a Java 1.4.2 JRE, but it is also possible the use the native server version. For the CVS service a separate CVS server is required, but it is also possible to specify an external CVS server.

Native version:
The native version of Sourcekeeper is currently only available for Linux and requires a GNU gcj compiler >= 4.0. All required external libraries are included in the Sourcekeeper source package and are compiled together with Sourcekeeper. It is also possible to use a native server together with normal Java clients and vice versa.